Standing Bow Pulling Pose

No, I’m not trying to break into show biz. Though, if the right opportunity arose . . .

No no no! I’m headed to LA on Sunday to go to boot camp AKA Bikram Yoga Teacher Training for 9 weeks! and maybe someday my standing bow pulling pose will look like the one pictured above.

For the uninitiated (those of you i haven’t already bored to tears blabbing about how amazing this yoga is), that means i will live in a yoga bubble.

There are twice daily 90 minute (though i hear they often run two hours at training) classes –  one at 8:30AM and another at 5PM – in a room heated to 105F with 40% humidity (though i hear it is definitely much hotter and more humid).

The rest of the day is devoted to posture clinics, during which i learn to deliver the 44 pages of dialogue that i’m responsible for MEMORIZING VERBATIM – and refine my own understanding of this yoga, yoga in general, human anatomy, and myself.

if bikram is giving clinic, most likely i will be kept awake until 3AM – sometimes later – depending on which bollywood movies and indian tv shows he’d like us to watch. i’ll wake at 6:30AM to eat breakfast (did i mention one can’t eat for two hours before class otherwise one might vomit??) and start all over again.

we have a single class on saturdays and sundays are free!

I CANNOT WAIT! seriously. this is my dream and i can’t believe it’s almost here.

my shit’s all packed up and i’m ready to go. united is gonna charge me a million dollars to get my suitcase from SF to LA.

since my communication  level will be poor to extremely poor, i’m gonna try to update this thing – as much as my body will allow – as a means of keeping in touch. so . . . watch this space for pics and more rambling about this experience.